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Celebrating 50 years of QUV

accelerated weathering testing

2020 is a new decade for us all.

With a new year and decade, comes new and exciting products, changes and innovation at Q-Lab.

In 2020, we are celebrating 50 years of the QUV. That's 50 years of technology, innovation and amazing customers.  
Allow us to share the history of our QUV accelerated weathering tester, and the new changes that are coming in 2020!


George Grossman founds Q-Panel Co. in Cleveland, USA to fill a need for standard test panels for paint research. (The company
name is eventually changed to Q-Lab in 2006)


This precursor to the QUV delivers condensation to specimens, but no UV light.


QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester introduced. This revolutionary design by Q-Lab combines condensation and fluorescent UV light, creating a new standard of simplicity, speed, and ease of use.  This tester employed UVB lamps originally designed for Vitamin D synthesis.


Publication of the first of many ASTM and international specifications that reference the QUV.


QUV becomes world’s most widely used weathering tester, based on number of units in use.


UVB-313 lamp introduced. This Q-Lab design is the first lamp specifically designed for a fluorescent weathering testers. It is a major technical advance over previous UVB lamps, producing higher irradiance and longer life.


UVA-340 lamp introduced. This Q-Lab innovation is still the best
available simulation of short-wavelength UV light from the sun.


QUV Spray Option introduced to supplement the QUV’s Condensation system. Spray produces mechanical erosion on wood coatings, and thermal shock on plastics. 


SOLAR EYE® irradiance control introduced to completely stabilize UV irradiance. Q-Lab’s proprietary power supply produces 75% higher UV output and longer lamp life.

Q-Lab receives patents for unique AUTOCAL system for UV calibration. Q-Lab also offers radiometers of its own design and




Q-Lab develops proprietary embedded microprocessor controller
– the first of its kind in a weathering tester. This replaces discrete electromechanical controls. It gives better control, easier operation, and context-sensitive error messages.


Q-Lab calibration service for radiometers is awarded ISO 17025 Accreditation.


The QUV celebrates its 40th Anniversary.


Q-Lab introduces its third-generation proprietary embedded main controller system. This “total electronic brain” includes automatic logging of instrument parameters and test data via the VIRTUAL STRIPCHART program, and the ability to easily update software via USB to enable new programming features.


UVA-340+ and UVB-313EL+ lamps are introduced, giving the users the ability to perform testing at the highest maximum irradiance available and to enjoy extended lamp life at the elevated irradiance levels called for in some international standards.


In 2020 we will have the honor to celebrate 50 years of the QUV and of weathering testing technology. 


Introducing Gen 4

  • Gen 4 Controller with dual touch-screen displays
  • Improved styling with new silver paint
  • Same reliable, economical, performance users have come to expect over 50 years